Color Blind Sharpie

It looks like a Black (or Blue) Sharpie
but it writes in fine point Red ink

Also includes Todd’s trick PEN-FLUENCE


Custom Colors available

Color Blind Sharpie comes complete with a gimmicked Sharpie
that looks like it writes Black but it really writes in a fine point Red ink!

Perfect for Confabulation or ANY routine where you need to do secret writing!

(This is the pen I use for Name That Pet - available elsewhere on this site)

Also includes Todd’s trick PEN-FLUENCE!
Spectator names three random things and those things are written
on a card that has been in the magicians pocket since the beginning.
There is no palming and no equivoque or peek/impression devices are needed.
In fact, there is no sleight of hand at all. Easy to do!
It’s all self-contained and resets INSTANTLY!

Pen-Fluence is perfect for Zoom shows!
Comes complete with gimmicked Bicycle cards and of course the Color Blind Sharpie!

*Custom Sharpie colorrs available upon request

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Black Sharpie / Writes Red (Standard), Black Sharpie / Writes Blue, Blue Sharpie / Writes Red


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